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Welcome back to Jan Crawford Communications!  On this first blog of 2015 we hope to help guide candidates and consultants on the nitty-gritty of media strategy, placement and FCC Law in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United.  We welcome questions and discussions as the world of FCC Law governing political campaigns is ever-changing.

Several years ago, I wrote an article for Campaigns & Elections titled “The Devils in the Details.”  It centered on knowing FCC Political Advertising Law and understanding how to use it to protect both Federal and non-Federal candidates.  As I watched the 2014 elections never was this truer.  Since Citizens United, Super PACs have been spending more and more on broadcast airtime trying to buy elections.  Many lament this occurrence but seem unable to stop it.  Many speak of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court — but this could take years.

However, there are ways to reduce the amount of airtime that Super PACs are able to buy against Federal candidates.  The first, and most important fact being overlooked is that none of these Super PACs are entitled to airtime — ONLY FEDERAL CANDIDATES are entitled to television and radio airtime.

Candidates and consultants need to pay heed to this important aspect of the law and use other FCC laws and rulings to their benefit.  By understanding the law and knowing how to use it to benefit Federal candidates you will have the power to reduce the Super PACs’ power to buy elections.

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