Over decades of political and issue campaigns, Jan Crawford Communications has worked with countless progressive candidates, labor unions, and associations, including:

2018 Campaigns

Mark Williams for Congress (D-CO 2nd)
Roger Manno for Congress (D-MD 6th)
Alan Rosenfeld for State District 12 (CO)

Presidential Campaigns
Frank Church
Walter Mondale

U.S. Senate
Chuck Robb (D-VA)
Bob Graham (D-FL)
Jack Wickes (D-IN)
Floyd K. Haskell (D-CO)
Tim Wirth (D-CO)
Birch Bayh (D- IN)
Jim Sasser D-TN)
Bob Abrams (D-NY)
Ron Twilegar (D-ID)
Buddy McKay (D-FL)
Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY)

House of Representatives
Steny Hoyer (D-MD)
Lane Evans (D-IL)
Pete Peterson (D-FL)
Leon Panetta (D-CA)
Phil Sharp (D-IN)
Tim Wirth (D-CO)
Buddy McKay (D-FL)
Tom Harkin (D-IA)
John Bryant (D-TX)
Beryl Anthony (D-AR)
Pete Geren (D-TX)
Owen Pickett (D-VA)
Jim Florio (D-NJ)
Gladys Spellman (D-MD)
Reese Lindquist (D-WA)
Ben Nighthorse Campbell (D-CO)

State and Local Offices
Richard Lamm (D-CO), Governor
Bob Graham (D-FL), Governor
Louis Lambert (D-LA), Governor
Chuck Robb (D-VA), Governor
William Winter (D-MS), Governor
Richard Daley D-IL) States Attorney
Bob Rackleff  (D-FL various offices)
Kathy Chinoy (D-FL), State House
Marion Van Laningham (D-VA), House of Delegates
Audrey Moore (D-VA), Chair, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Issue Campaigns
Health Care Reform Project, Inc., Clinton Plan
Right-to-Die Campaign, Oregon
Texas Voters for Choice
Missouri Right-to Work Campaign
Five for Florida Referendums

Additional Clients
Democratic National Committee
Democratic Congressional Campaign Comte.
National Committee for an Effective Congress
Democratic State Chairs
State Democratic Parties: Colorado, Iowa, Virginia and North Dakota
Democrats for the Eighties (Harriman PAC)
United American Nurses
DC Nurses Association
Population Institute
National Education Association
NEA State Affiliates:  Hawaii, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota, Delaware, New Jersey, Louisiana, Kentucky and Washington State
Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County
The European Economic Community
National Association of Broadcasters
United Auto Workers
United Food and Commercial Workers
Campaigns & Elections Magazine, Speaker and Contributor George Washington Graduate School of Political Management, Guest Lecturer
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Guest Lecturer
Matt Reese and Associates
AFL-CIO George Meany Center Labor Institute for Public Affairs
J. Walter Thompson Worldwide